This blog is to support the development of a Guide for Public Transportation Pandemic Planning and Response. This project is being conducted by the Transportation Research Board and is supported by a team led by Abt Associates,  a consulting firm based out of Cambridge Massachusetts with offices in Bethesda, Maryland.

The development of the guide includes many tasks that require input from the stakeholder community. We hope to use this blog to reach stakeholders throughout the process in order to gain insights into concerns, issues and priorities, as well as to bring attention to the final product. We will also be posting the research and background materials we discover for everyone’s benefit.

Specifically we will be conducting these tasks:

  •  Analyze, describe, and critique pertinent domestic and international research, on the basis of applicability, conclusiveness of findings, and usefulness for pandemic planning for U.S. public transportation;
  • Survey current and past practices as well as “lessons observed” regarding pandemic preparation and response among relevant state and local agencies;
  • Create a synthesis of current practices;
  • Develop a draft guidebook;
  • Review guidebook with stakeholders;
  • Prepare final report documenting the entire effort.

Please feel free to contact us by leaving a comment, sending an email or a tweet.


  • Jacqueline_Haskell@abtassoc.com
  •  Kim26stephens@gmail.com

Find us on twitter @kim26stephens


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